Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Star Wars

A week ago, my 6 year old (yes, the ninja Ian) has become obsessed with star wars! We watch a different movie every day directly after lunch, and he is now a font of star wars trivia knowledge. He can tell you where anakin skywalker lived before he was a jedi. He knows the difference between an X-wing, a Y-wing, and an imperial starship. And he knows what color light saber everyone has! He insists that he's seen a real ewok before, and that he can hear obi wan kenobi speak to him. He's just obsessed! Could it possibly have anything to do with pat's collection of star wars figurines, movies, legos, video games, and toys? Call me crazy, but I think we're one small step away from being insane star wars convention people who dress up as tuskan raiders to prove that we're worthy fans to the other geeks!

Friday, April 25, 2008


So, I've decided that my 6 year old is ready for swim lessons. He thinks he'd rather be in karate so that he can be a ninja. So I calmly explained to him that a ninja can still drown, and his reply was: " I wouldn't drown, I would karate chop the water like kachow, pow-pow (insert dramatic hand chopping motion here) and knock all the water out of the pool". But I insisted that he get swim lessons, so now he's content to practice his ninja skills at home.

nutri-grain bars

So, I've found out that my two year old cannot survive without nutri-grain bars! A new grocery store opened recently down the road from my house, so I decided to shop there instead of driving across town to my regular store. I bought my groceries, and bought nutri-grain bars for my kids. But they were different from the ones I had bought before, they had some kind of icing on the bar, and my 2 year old was not amused! He wanted the bars, but as soon as he tasted the frosting he flipped out and mashed the bar into the carpet! And he would cry for the bars, and reach for them on the shelves, just to be even more upset when he realized they were the same ones! This went on for a couple of days until I had enough and drove all of us to the store across town to get the nutri-grain bars that were not tainted with "ickies"! We had to sit justin in the cart, so that he could be close to the three boxes of nutri-grain bars he could not live without! He was so excited, he kept saying: " my bars! Blue bars, green bars, berry bars, my bars!"
So, as soon as we got home he devoured 3 of them in rapid succession! That was all he'd eat! And the next morning, he wouldn't eat his breakfast either! He begged me to cook eggs, but did he want them when they were made? Oh No! Surely they were poison, and he wasn't going to eat this slop when he had the nectar of the gods just a few feet away.
So, when I was busy trying to clean up the bathroom, he took one of his little plastic chairs and his grabber( its a toy that is a long arm with a handle on one end and little pinching arms on the other end that can grab things) and helped himself to a couple of nutri-grain bars! There's no stopping him! Perhaps if I buy some of those airtight bear containers, fill them with nutri-grain bars, and hang them from the tree outside he wont be able to sniff them out and help himself to their fruity goodness!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So this is Pat, my wonderful husband.
Proud owner of 200 transformers , 75 lego sets, 2 car racing tracks, numerous comic books & collectibles, radio controlled cars and hellicopters, a ps2, a wii, a gameboy, a super nintendo, a nintendo 64, and an original nintendo. I'm sure I left some stuff out,
It's been awhile since I went through his stuff and demanded a down-size.
He likes to read, and we mostly like to read the same things, which is nice because we allways have something to talk about.
Sometimes I like that he's a big kid because I refuse to play transformers with the boys. That's the only thing I absolutely wont do. It's my girly right to refuse to play the super boy games! He is a native oregonian (or Portlander), but we met in Utah too long ago to mention.
We share the same passion for video games. And, more often than not, he's mad at me for hogging the wii. I think we're well matched, but I can kick his butt in dart tag! Oh Yeah!
He's a good daddy, and the boys pine for him while he's at work. We would be lost without his manly skills.

Justinother stark

He may be the smallest of the starks, but I think he has
the most attitude. His favorite phrase is : "I wanna do it!"
Justin is going through a difficult 2 year old temper tantrum phase.
He loves to be outside. I think it's because he was born in
washington, and state law requires that natives spend at least
half of their day outside making merry. He also is a shoe fiend,
which makes me wonder where my children inherited this trait!?
He was a very inactive baby when I was pregnant with him, and
now he's hell on wheels. I call him little Mcgyver, because he can
make something out of nothing, and he's allways in trouble.
I think he'll grow up to be a sky-diving motorcycle riding dare-devil.

In another lifetime, she was a queen

In my world full of boys, this is the queen who rules them all. She does have one lady-in-waiting, princess Cora,but she is far too young to threaten her rule. She is all girl! Her knowlegde of tweendom is great and her shoe collection vast. There could never be enough pink, or cheetah print, or sparklies in her world, and all must bow down or suffer her wrath, which is great indeed. I think she's tired of all the boys with their stinky ways and light saber battles. But, alas, we cannot change their gender, and why would we want to? We allready have the world's most perfect girl!

Funny things

My oldest son, Ian, is the class clown. He lives to entertain one and all. He is full of energy day and night and he's the ultimate chatter box. He has his own ideas about how he should dress, and we mortals are not allowed to help with his wardrobe choices unless he deems us worthy. He is a shoe fiend, we cannot even think about getting shoes for any other member of the family unless we have enough money to buy him new shoes too. He wont hesistate to tell family members his thoughts on their outfits, especially their shoes....sorry Tobi. His greatest ambition used to be to go to Texas. But now, he would rather go to Ireland. And have 100 dollars. I don't know why, but in his 6 year old mind 100 dollars beats anything. He says funny stuff all the time. But, of course since I want to write about it, I can't remember it! I'll be doing separate posts for each child, so maybe I'll remember later and add it in.

Well, we've arrived

Well, I have to say first that my sister MADE me do
this. I never wanted a blog. In true north-west fashion
I've been damning the man, finding energy efficient
ways to make my life better and cheaper, eating meat
free of antibiotics, buying crazy organic things like sheets
and makeup, and promoting peace and serenity via my
flower garden on my patio.
But in my zen-like hour of yoga this morning, I decided
That maybe she was right, and I did need a blog of my
very own. Plus, I allready have a myspace page, so I'm
allready as mainstream as I can get.
So, here you go tobi. Your north-west invasion has