Monday, November 24, 2008

I don't care what anyone else thinks, Jasper was smokin' hot in Twilight!
I never really liked jasper in the books, sue me. It was all about edward and bella for me, and I didn't find jasper of any consequence.
But oh man, Jasper was so awesome in the movie! I loved how he looked like he was in pain all the time! And I loved when him and emmet were burning james, and jasper's all excited and jumping around. Frickin' Awesome!
I hope they give Jasper a bigger part in New Moon, he did great in this movie!
Okay, so I thought the movie was great. I will definetly see New Moon.
But, I refuse to see it during any time which teenage girls are allowed to be out and about. Being at that movie theatre with 100 teenagers discussing how edward was the perfect man was almost my undoing! There was a girl next to me who had to explain to her boyfriend (during the whole damn show!) why people were laughing, and who Jacob Black was! Who's Jacob Black? Why are you here philistine!
Anyway, that's that, I'm done.