Monday, June 2, 2008

12 days!

There are 12 days of school left! I'm more excited about this that Ian is! It's like I get a summer vacation too!
But the weather sucks! We are nothing but doom and gloom here, and it's chilly!
I'm just hoping that in 2 weeks, the warm weather hits! Or else I'm in trouble.
Also, I'm proud to say that Ian is in the top of his class for math! I'll freely admit, he got pat's gene's on this one. I'm hopeless at math.


Tobi said...

If we were nearly as good at math as we are at movies we would be the next Will Huntings! How do you like them apples?

Hurray for summer!

Mammallama said...

sCREw you magoo!! It is so hot here that I have sweat running down my sweat. Every part of my body is terrified it is going to slide off with the water. My eyebrows are hot hot hot.
I am glad for the math IAN. Your brother is like that.