Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nutria's revenge!

A couple of weeks ago, I was at my father-in-laws house picking various ripe berries in our garden. I brought my neighbor with me so that the job would go faster, and she could have half of everything we picked. We were half way done when I noticed that underneath one of the marion berry bushes there was a nutria. For all you who don't know, a nutria is a cross between a rodent and a beaver.They have beaver teeth, a beaver body, webbed back feet, and a big rat tail. Don't ask me how the nutria came to exist, I don't even want to know. They are generally peaceful and scared of humans, but they will bite if they're scared.
So I took my kids inside and pat & my neighbor tried to get the nutria out of the yard. Well, the thing was hurt, and after many failed attempts to get anyone out to the house to remove the nutria, we decided to move the nutria back to the creek bed over the fence behind my father-in-laws back yard. That's usually where the nutrias live. So we thought he would stay there. Long story short, he didn't stay there. He went the long way around the house and got back into the yard because my father in law had left his side gate open! Nermal! Three days later, we went back to his house to discover the now dying nutria in his yard again! This time we called the police and they came and disposed of the animal. The cop put a "suppressor" (he called it a suppressor, but we all know it was a silencer) on his gun and shot the nutria in the back yard.
The thing was so hurt it could barely walk, all I can say is that it was determined to die in that back yard! It used up all it's strength to get back there! I don't have any pictures of nutrias, but you should google it, they're icky!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane....

Well, I've finally decided to continue on with my plan to go to Colorado. I was going to reschedule my tickets and stay here, but I'm going because it would be a waste of money to reschedule.

I will be bringing the destroyer with me, and may Neptune have mercy on all our souls!
What? Did someone say my name?