Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ha! I'm not the only one!

I had a moment this morning, where I smiled to myself and felt very satisfied with the world in general. I take my 2 boys to the bus stop every morning, and I usually chat with my neighbors when I see them. Today one of neighbors was complaining that two of her girls had a fist fight on the bus home yesterday, and that they were openly disobedient towards her. She said they were grounded for a week and that she was shocked at their behavior.
As she told me all this, I was wheeling my 2-year-old home and he was kicking and screaming about the duckies not being in the creek where they should be.
And I couldn't help smiling to myself and thinking about all the bad things my boys have done lately! It's so wonderful to know that my kids are not the only bad ones that are grounded! In my opinion, my kids don't seem awfull now that I know other people are having the same problems! They are normal! HA!


Mammallama said...

Your children are uber normal honey. I guess compared to most they are very active and intelligent, but other than that, perfectly normal. Today @ 5 am Kale started a meltdown for me not going to work with "his" car today.
Very normal dear.

Tobi said...

Of course your not the only one. Cora had a meltdown today because I told her she couldn't have anymore cheese! How dare I??!!