Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer is HERE!

Even though there are 8 more days left in our school year, I am declaring it to be summertime!
Here are Ian and Justin demonstrating their slip-n-slide skills. Ian was afraid to use the slip-n-slide the first day we had it, but the next day he caught on real fast and wouldn't stop...until it was time to eat. Justin is showing the proper technique of putting your arms out in front of you while sliding down , he just can't seem to lower himself to the ground, must be all that antigravity in joe's back yard.
We are planning many dangerous and exciting adventures this summer. We are going to go up north to sally's house and allow the boys to wreak havoc in her world for a day. We will go camping, neptune have mercy on our souls. And we will go to colorado for the all boy and one girl insanity convention. 'Twill be good times had by all.


Tobi said...

There is going to be an insanity convention and I wasn't invited??!! I wish I was able to see you and your boys this summer.

Mammallama said...

Welcome to the insanity Palace. Please check your mind at the door.
Loved the antigrav Justin on the slip & slide. He and the PPP can just say no to the whole water thing.

bdmom said...

Who needs gravity? Not us, I say! Besides, in three years that's how EVERYONE is going to be using the slip-n-slide. He's not doing it wrong, he's just a trend-setter.