Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So A Normal Day

I just thought I'd post this little video to show what my mornings are like as of late. The boys have decided that the sooner they get outside, the better. I have put restrictions on how early they can go out. Hey, the neighbors have to get a break sometime. So, this is it, my normal life with two boys.


Tobi said...

I love Ian Tribal War Dance and Justin's I'm so innocent and quite expression. They are quite the rebel rousers!

Mammallama said...

Woa, I am dizzy. What a cute duo! If only I could get the twins tornado's at my house out on the porch every morning.
Your word verification was "petramst" how funny!

bdmom said...

I made the mistake of letting Phoenix and Kale watch this video. Now they are just sure I took their cousins away and am not letting them see them on purpose. Damned evil mother that I am!