Monday, March 22, 2010

This one's for you, mom.

Ahh, school days...I guess the apple really doesn't fall too far from the tree....
Ian's teacher: We're having an inter-class project, so let's go over to the next class and the teacher will explain what we're doing.
Kids go to next classroom
Teacher divides them into pairs and starts telling them the importance of main streets in america, how they are the reason we have towns and buses and blah-blah.
Ian looks at teacher and says: "Can we get to the god damn point already?!"
Wow, I mean, what do you say?
He did get in trouble for disrespecting the teacher's authorita, but I laughed really hard after he went to bed.


Tobi said...

But the important question is did the teacher ever get to the point? Probably not.

It's too bad the mothers curse works. My comeuppance is sure to be swift and painful. *sigh*

Mammallama said...

Ahhhhh Grasshopper, the student's (pain) surpasses the teacher. It is toooo good. The days and days I spent in your principal's office. "Really I'm sure she never meant to set the school on fire"
"There must be some mistake I am sure she was not kicking beer cans at the teacher"