Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Karma? Justice? I don't care, and I DON'T like it!

Ian got suspended from school for two days today. He threatened to shoot another little boy. And since they need to take these staements very seriously, they suspended him. He was ALMOST expelled for the rest of the year.
He is in soooooo much trouble! Even though I won't be home tomorrow, he will have a list of chores to complete, and he's going to be my scrub-monkey and do all the unpleasant things I've been putting off.
I might ground him until the end of school, two weeks ought to be sufficient time for him to realize how serious this is.
You just can't say stuff like that anymore!


Tobi said...

Scrub-monkey? HA HA HA! Good for you for laying down the law! Cause you can't beat the law.

Keep us posted on what happens next.

bdmom said...

Cleaning really is the worst punnishment in the world. I hated that more than getting hit when we were kids. At least getting spanked is over quickly, cleaning takes FOREVER! Especially when you have to use a toothbrush on those tiles.

Mammallama said...

I never had to deal with suspension. You weren't that bad. I do not know why Ian said that to a child but he does have a knack for picking the worst time to say something. I think probably someone said that to him and he was passing the curse along. Anyway scrub monkey is funny.