Thursday, May 8, 2008

Well, I've officially started my spring flower planting! I've got Cyclamen (shown here in red and white), tuberous begonias in Go-Go Orange( I'm not even joking, that's their name and color), primroses, mums, mini purple daisies, forget-me-nots, ultra violet pansies, and this year I'm growing my own I have 15 seedlings that I just transplanted today. Plus, I went and bought my neighbor some pansies in different colors( one is called Matrix Morpheus, you can't make this stuff up!) some English daisies, and a huge pot of yellow snapdragons! So, we're supposed to plant her stuff tomorrow. And, we're doing a vegetable garden over at my father-in-laws house. We're going to have: corn, beans, lettuce, watermelons, pumpkins, three different kinds of peppers, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, walla walla sweet onions, broccoli, and I can't remember the rest. Let's just say, I've gone insane with the planting. Every year I get more flowers, so I have to get more pots to put them in! Then I need more potting soil, and I always buy too much so then I have to buy more planters and more flowers! It's a vicious cycle. I think I'm an addict, maybe someone should cut me off before I go through with my plan to dig up my neighbors lilac bush because I think it would be "happier" at my house.


Tobi said...

I, Tobi by right of older sister-dum, am giving you and cease and desist order on all planting. You are hearby restricted from all planting activities and futhermore there will be more beer and blogging. Simmer down now. Simmer down.