Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Star Wars

A week ago, my 6 year old (yes, the ninja Ian) has become obsessed with star wars! We watch a different movie every day directly after lunch, and he is now a font of star wars trivia knowledge. He can tell you where anakin skywalker lived before he was a jedi. He knows the difference between an X-wing, a Y-wing, and an imperial starship. And he knows what color light saber everyone has! He insists that he's seen a real ewok before, and that he can hear obi wan kenobi speak to him. He's just obsessed! Could it possibly have anything to do with pat's collection of star wars figurines, movies, legos, video games, and toys? Call me crazy, but I think we're one small step away from being insane star wars convention people who dress up as tuskan raiders to prove that we're worthy fans to the other geeks!


Tobi said...

What does Obi Wan tell Ian?

Mammallama said...

The paddawan is correct. Allow the force to flow through you. Phoenix and Kale are paddawan learners. Britt and I are ewok slaves by comparison.

bdmom said...

Phoenix says that I should dress up as Jabba the Hut this halloween. I'm curious why he chose that particular character, and mildly offended.
Kale has actually tried to use the force on me when he wants me to stop yelling at him, or just wants me to go away.
I think all boys just NEED Star Wars. It's in their blood, the midicloreans of course.