Wednesday, June 4, 2008

more stuff, and the WARBEAST

Morning glories, and my toes...
Wave petunias in a hanging basket
Justin playing baseball at joe's house
Ian on the warbeast at joe's house
So, I had a productive weekend. Ian built a new planter box for veggies at joe's house, and I planted more flowers! Yeah!
Also, I had to bribe Ian to get this picture. He was allready playing the warbeast when I came inside from watering the veggies, and he knew he was in trouble. So, I bribed him with a cheeseburger and this was the best he would give me.


Tobi said...

HA HA! I love the picture of Ian and the warbeast. He looks like he is being punished for crimes against humanity.

The flowers pictures are cute and so are your toes!

Mammallama said...

The sweet williams are my favorite. The green toes are good too. I love the little warbeast. Ian looks posessed in this pic.