Monday, August 25, 2008

school time

9 days until Ian starts the first grade!

Ah, It's that magical time of the year when I get to send my overly-active 6 year old back to school. His clothes and supplies are hanging in his closet, and he is not so patiently waiting to use his new things. Ian loves new clothes, so I have to remind him several times a day that he cannot wear them until the first day of school. He loves shoes even more than he loves clothes.....I had to hide his shoes to get any peace.

We get to meet his new teacher the day before school starts. My only hope is that she isn't offended by class clownery, or her and Ian might never get along.


Tobi said...

Only kids can get away with being cute when they have little hair and missing teeth. But cute he still remains. Heartbreaker alert!