Sunday, August 10, 2008

The weekend of fun is over. Huzzah!

Many events took place over these last few days. ALL my in-laws came into town, and we traveled all over Oregon on various quests for fun. We went to the beach and froze our butts off! I know, anywhere else we would be sweating! But not at the coast! we couldn't stay that long because of the crappy weather, but we did get to see Pat's aunt Dani and uncle don. They're peachy keen!
The next day after our ocean adventure, we hit the road and drove somewhere past Salem Oregon to visit my father in laws' friends' parents' cabin. wow that's complicated. But the cabin was awesome! It was right on the water! So we spread my in laws' mothers' ashes while we were down there. It was a nice spot. I wanted to stay there forever! Then today we had a wolfington family reunion. I met allot of people that I probably won't remember by tomorrow. But everyone now knows me as the girl who made the awesome deviled eggs. In fact, I was introduced to everyone as Patrick's wife Sarah who made the deviled eggs that were just wonderful!
I'm just glad that it's over and we can relax now. We're all tired and need some time to get back to a normal schedule! Damn it!


Tobi said...

Pretty pictures! E-mail me more pictures of the beach please. I need it....