Monday, October 6, 2008

don't look directly at the fish

I'm a little behind on the times, these are the fish we adopted a couple months ago.
Peaches, Oreo, Special, and Nemo.
They are large golfish, except for special, he's recovering from a bad bout of finrot.
All they want to do is eat. I'll be sitting on the couch reading my book, and I'll feel eight fishy eyes watching me! They beg for food all day! If you get within 2 feet of the tank, they start freaking out and knocking over the plants in the tank!
So that's why I tell my family, and friends, Don't look directly at the fish! They take that as a sign that you come bearing gifts of food! And if you don't pay homage, they try to jump out of the tank, and they spit rocks at the front of the tank! I figure when they get too big, I'll just find someone with an indoor pond, and they can adopt my adopted fish!


Tobi said...

Are your mutant fish on the floor? That's what it sorta looks like in the picture.

I promise to keep my eyes away from the genetically enhanced gold fish the next time I visit.

Mammallama said...

Mutant beaver rats, now mutant fishies.
Going green did not help the fishies much did it?
Just flush em when they are too big. That way they can be eaten by the mutant alligators in the sewers. It's a whole circle-of-life thing.