Sunday, October 19, 2008

it's 5am?! Where are the kids?

Where are my kids at 5am? Not in their beds! Ian has decided that no time should be wasted sleeping in on the weekends! He gets up, gets dressed, goes into the livingroom, turns on every light, and starts singing. Those of you who know me understand what a serious offense this morning time cheer is.
It is now 7:35am. Pat is still in bed, the kids are running around like loons, we've already had breakfast, and we're about to leave and go grocery shopping before they wake up the whole neighborhood!
I hate mornings!


Tobi said...

It's so true. No one quite loathes the mornings with the same intensity as Sarah. It's almost an art-form!!

Mammallama said...

Honestly Sarah, why do you get up? Singing? Holy cow, I'd sing with him. Kale makes the tea-kettle noise at 3:30am. I would rejoice with the angels to hear singing. Or just the TV, or anything happy. Let the old man sleep and run out the door happy.
Yes, I am a cheerful morning person!!!