Friday, January 23, 2009

holiday recap

Our Christmas started on Christmas eve. We went to Noni's house, the kids opened their presents from her, and we had a wonderful turkey dinner!
The next morning we opened presents at home, the kids loved all their presents even the clothes! Then we had a huge christmas breakfast before going over to Joe's house for more presents! The boys got everything they could ever want for Christmas. Me and Pat got new pots and pans, which we uber needed, and we also got a kitchen-aide mixer! Woo-Hoo! I used it for the first time last weekend making frosting for Justin's B-day cake! It was awesome!
Anyway, we did the rest of our Christmas celebration on new years day when Pat's grandma Sally was in town. We went to the embassy suites in portland and opened presents. Pat took the kids swimming at the indoor pool, the kids went nuts! They loved it, of course, what kid wouldn't want to go swimming in a heated indoor pool when there's still snow on the ground?!
So that's that, my holiday recap is complete, now we can move on.


Tobi said...

Your right. (You can never get tired of hearing that.) Ian is all legs and that picture is really funny of him submerged beneath the tree.

Mammallama said...

Please tell me those GIANT feet do NOT belong to my tiny little grandson. You're right the recap was great. Please let me know that the giant legs and feet belong to your husband, not your 7 year old son.