Friday, February 6, 2009

Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I WILL NOT Miss When I Move Out Of My Apartment:
#10 - Speed Bumps Every 15 Feet. Seriously, I think
I've suffered some drain bramage from years of jarring
car rides.
# 9 - Living right by an outdoor basketball court.
# 8 - Lawn guys using their leaf blowers to cover my
patio in dirt once a week.
# 7 - Drunken brawls in the parking lot. The freaks come
out at night, and they like to fight by my car.
# 6 - Picking up packages at the front office.
# 5 - The lack of parking. You can't even have people over!
# 4 - Baseboard heating, wow it sucks.
# 3 - Having upstairs neighbors that stomp all day and night!
# 2 - Dealing with a crazy manager who's bent on total
control, and thinks that children should be seen not heard.
# 1 - Sharing one washer and dryer with six other tenants!
I can't say how many times I've had to wait days before I
could get my clothes clean!


Mammallama said...

Ah Apartment living. Who can recall a good experience? The pool was a plus, but sharing it with 90 other people a big minus. Have fun moving honey. Get some big burly mens to help you. Your flowers will miss you.