Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So A Normal Day

I just thought I'd post this little video to show what my mornings are like as of late. The boys have decided that the sooner they get outside, the better. I have put restrictions on how early they can go out. Hey, the neighbors have to get a break sometime. So, this is it, my normal life with two boys.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Once more into the forge

So, last wednesday, I boldly jumped back into the workforce. I now work at petsmart making more than minimum wage, which is no small feat when you consider my lack of experience and the craptacular economy.
I'm not sure of my title at petsmart, I was hired on as a pet care specialist, but I think they decided that my mad cashiering skillz couldn't be ignored, because all I've done is be a cashier. But that's okay, I like being a cashier better than having to clean up various forms of animal poop anyway.
I like working there, I get to see all the cute puppies that come into the store, and everyone there is really nice to me. I'm just excited that I'll have extra money for christmas this year! Guitar hero 5, you will be mine! HA!