Monday, January 25, 2010

The purse

This is my new AVOCADO GREEN FAUX CROCODILE purse. I was in the market for a new purse when I found this at Kohl's. For some odd reason I LOVE IT! It's smaller than it looks and can fit into my minuscule locker at work, it has convenient pockets for storage, I got it on sale, and it has texture! I have a texture thing, sue me.
Anyway, that's all. Now you know all the latest stuff and junk.


Tobi said...

Super proud that you blogged and love your new crocodile purse. Go You!

Mammallama said...

How many faux alligators died to make this little green purse???
Shame o shame on the faux killers.
Seriously, that is a nice purse, and the faux Alligator is not endangered anyway!! Love the color.
Your word verification was eamenest.
as in meanest me.

bdmom said...

The purse rules! But you already knew that. And so does your playlist. Go you!

Mammallama said...

For crying out loud Sarah