Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Funny things

My oldest son, Ian, is the class clown. He lives to entertain one and all. He is full of energy day and night and he's the ultimate chatter box. He has his own ideas about how he should dress, and we mortals are not allowed to help with his wardrobe choices unless he deems us worthy. He is a shoe fiend, we cannot even think about getting shoes for any other member of the family unless we have enough money to buy him new shoes too. He wont hesistate to tell family members his thoughts on their outfits, especially their shoes....sorry Tobi. His greatest ambition used to be to go to Texas. But now, he would rather go to Ireland. And have 100 dollars. I don't know why, but in his 6 year old mind 100 dollars beats anything. He says funny stuff all the time. But, of course since I want to write about it, I can't remember it! I'll be doing separate posts for each child, so maybe I'll remember later and add it in.


Tobi said...

So true. Ian is such a shoe snob. It was so funny when he asked me if I only brought one pair of shoes with me. As if he would never dream of traveling somewhere without a full compliment of shoes.

Mammallama said...

Ian is so tall. I miss him but tell him he can come to Amoo's house in July and I promise to wear shoes that will make him shudder and quake with snobbery. That is not a joke either. You can tell me how my blouse doesn't match my pants and he can guffaw at my shoes. Good times shall be had by all!!