Friday, April 25, 2008


So, I've decided that my 6 year old is ready for swim lessons. He thinks he'd rather be in karate so that he can be a ninja. So I calmly explained to him that a ninja can still drown, and his reply was: " I wouldn't drown, I would karate chop the water like kachow, pow-pow (insert dramatic hand chopping motion here) and knock all the water out of the pool". But I insisted that he get swim lessons, so now he's content to practice his ninja skills at home.


Tobi said...

You are the lamest of the lame Mom's. How can you not recognize his natural talent? He's got some serious Karate skills!!

bdmom said...

Did Ian not explain to you that a ninja cannot possibly drown? They are far too skilled to be felled by a mere wave. Phoenix and Kale tell me they are Jedi Nights and a jedi shouldn't have to brush their teeth or go to bed before midnight.
Gee Mom, you should know these things!
P.S. He's so freakin cute!

Mammallama said...

Ah grasshopper, the water skills will surpass the ninja. However, nothing could be that flippin cute.