Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Justinother stark

He may be the smallest of the starks, but I think he has
the most attitude. His favorite phrase is : "I wanna do it!"
Justin is going through a difficult 2 year old temper tantrum phase.
He loves to be outside. I think it's because he was born in
washington, and state law requires that natives spend at least
half of their day outside making merry. He also is a shoe fiend,
which makes me wonder where my children inherited this trait!?
He was a very inactive baby when I was pregnant with him, and
now he's hell on wheels. I call him little Mcgyver, because he can
make something out of nothing, and he's allways in trouble.
I think he'll grow up to be a sky-diving motorcycle riding dare-devil.


Tobi said...

I believe that he is two and I'm sure he acts like it too. IT's just he was so sweet and cute while I was there. Maybe he was just playing shy guy to lull me into a false sense of security.

bdmom said...

Damn you woman, you can't talk about my youngest grandson like that. Shoe fiend indeed! The boy is naturally curious about the 100+ pairs of footwear in the house.

Joel said...

don't let Justin ans Alec be together alone. I can see Justin providing the materials for example paper clip scotch tape and a tooth brush and Alec will make a nuclear bomb out of it. that would be bad for the hole "GREEN" thing.