Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In another lifetime, she was a queen

In my world full of boys, this is the queen who rules them all. She does have one lady-in-waiting, princess Cora,but she is far too young to threaten her rule. She is all girl! Her knowlegde of tweendom is great and her shoe collection vast. There could never be enough pink, or cheetah print, or sparklies in her world, and all must bow down or suffer her wrath, which is great indeed. I think she's tired of all the boys with their stinky ways and light saber battles. But, alas, we cannot change their gender, and why would we want to? We allready have the world's most perfect girl!


Tobi said...

I bow down to the great pink! Let us all worship in humility. What else would she allow but humble worship?

Mammallama said...

Brittanys blog keeps popping up this darn do you want the non secure items to show thing, so I forgot what I wanted to say. Oh yea, she is a princess in this life too