Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So this is Pat, my wonderful husband.
Proud owner of 200 transformers , 75 lego sets, 2 car racing tracks, numerous comic books & collectibles, radio controlled cars and hellicopters, a ps2, a wii, a gameboy, a super nintendo, a nintendo 64, and an original nintendo. I'm sure I left some stuff out,
It's been awhile since I went through his stuff and demanded a down-size.
He likes to read, and we mostly like to read the same things, which is nice because we allways have something to talk about.
Sometimes I like that he's a big kid because I refuse to play transformers with the boys. That's the only thing I absolutely wont do. It's my girly right to refuse to play the super boy games! He is a native oregonian (or Portlander), but we met in Utah too long ago to mention.
We share the same passion for video games. And, more often than not, he's mad at me for hogging the wii. I think we're well matched, but I can kick his butt in dart tag! Oh Yeah!
He's a good daddy, and the boys pine for him while he's at work. We would be lost without his manly skills.


Tobi said...

I had no idea he had that many lego sets. I loved the part where you said it was your girly right to refuse. Funny stuff. I also love the part where you said you would be lost without all his manly skills. Awesome!

Go Sarah! You are a Super De-Duper blogger now!!

Mammallama said...

Perhaps Pat should build you a second bathroom with his lego's. No wonder the boys are shoe obsessed, Pat has all the toys. Share man share.