Friday, April 25, 2008

nutri-grain bars

So, I've found out that my two year old cannot survive without nutri-grain bars! A new grocery store opened recently down the road from my house, so I decided to shop there instead of driving across town to my regular store. I bought my groceries, and bought nutri-grain bars for my kids. But they were different from the ones I had bought before, they had some kind of icing on the bar, and my 2 year old was not amused! He wanted the bars, but as soon as he tasted the frosting he flipped out and mashed the bar into the carpet! And he would cry for the bars, and reach for them on the shelves, just to be even more upset when he realized they were the same ones! This went on for a couple of days until I had enough and drove all of us to the store across town to get the nutri-grain bars that were not tainted with "ickies"! We had to sit justin in the cart, so that he could be close to the three boxes of nutri-grain bars he could not live without! He was so excited, he kept saying: " my bars! Blue bars, green bars, berry bars, my bars!"
So, as soon as we got home he devoured 3 of them in rapid succession! That was all he'd eat! And the next morning, he wouldn't eat his breakfast either! He begged me to cook eggs, but did he want them when they were made? Oh No! Surely they were poison, and he wasn't going to eat this slop when he had the nectar of the gods just a few feet away.
So, when I was busy trying to clean up the bathroom, he took one of his little plastic chairs and his grabber( its a toy that is a long arm with a handle on one end and little pinching arms on the other end that can grab things) and helped himself to a couple of nutri-grain bars! There's no stopping him! Perhaps if I buy some of those airtight bear containers, fill them with nutri-grain bars, and hang them from the tree outside he wont be able to sniff them out and help himself to their fruity goodness!