Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well, we've arrived

Well, I have to say first that my sister MADE me do
this. I never wanted a blog. In true north-west fashion
I've been damning the man, finding energy efficient
ways to make my life better and cheaper, eating meat
free of antibiotics, buying crazy organic things like sheets
and makeup, and promoting peace and serenity via my
flower garden on my patio.
But in my zen-like hour of yoga this morning, I decided
That maybe she was right, and I did need a blog of my
very own. Plus, I allready have a myspace page, so I'm
allready as mainstream as I can get.
So, here you go tobi. Your north-west invasion has


Tobi said...

Hurray you started a blog!! My mind powers must be powerful indeed if I could force you to start a blog. Your powers are weak old woman!!